Taicang large-scale key projects have been settled in succession

The changes in the Western District are the epitome of the rapid development of the city's science and technology industrial park. As a new industrial carrier that Chengxiang Town is focusing on and the main force of the town's manufacturing industry to steadily grow, adjust its structure and promote transformation, the city's science and technology industrial park has set off a new round of development climax. Another year of project construction "This year is another busy year for the construction of the park." The relevant person in charge of Chengxiang Town told reporters that the town has advanced the construction of the city's science and technology industrial park project in an orderly manner. Last year was a year of more park project construction. Germany A group of companies including Yimai Gear, German Fuller Die Casting, British Carcolo Plastic Technology, Xinbai Machinery, and Shengtan Pharmaceutical Machinery have been completed and put into operation. The first phase of Fudi Europe and America Industrial Park has also been opened. This year, there are many projects, and The volume is larger, and the construction of the provincial key project, the Silicon Institute Taicang Park project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the two major Suzhou city projects such as the second phase of Fudi Europe and America Industrial Park and Tianyong Machinery, and another provincial key project in the second half of the year. The German-Industry Innovation Industrial Park and a municipal key project, Shi Bilai Fasteners, will be started. The total investment of the Taicang Park project of the Institute of Silicon of the Chinese Academy of Sciences exceeds 400 million yuan, and the total construction area of the entire project will exceed 110,000 square meters. After the production, it will mainly produce silicon carbide ceramics, energy-saving coated glass, artificial bone biological coatings and artificial crystals (LYSO). And other new materials. Relying on Sino-German cooperation, the Sino-German Science and Technology Innovation Alliance Industrial Park will provide strong support for further upgrading the industrial level of Taicang, gathering advanced manufacturing enterprises and introducing high-level R & D centers. New Enterprise Accelerates Development and Growth The other day, Jiesai Machinery applied for the listing of the New Third Board, which means that Jiesai entered a new stage of development two years after settling in the park. Jiesai Machinery was awarded the provincial high-tech enterprise at the end of last year. In August last year, a bucket elevator capable of lifting 1,650 tons of soybeans per hour was put into use in the Taiping Bay port area of Dalian Port. This bucket elevator manufactured and installed by Jiesa Machinery has set a world-wide capacity for similar equipment. Record. Just three months later, this record was again broken by Jiesai Machinery. The soybean hoist installed by the company in Huanghua Port, Hebei Province could lift 1,920 tons of soybeans per hour. In April this year, this product attracted the attention of all parties at the 2016 Asia-Pacific Feed Processing Industry Exhibition, the top exhibition in the global feed processing, bioenergy pelleting, grain storage and processing industries. For two years, the company's sales have grown at a rate of more than 30% each year. Xinbo Machinery also ushered in a big happy event a few days ago. The company received an order for 2,000 cabinets. In this industry, usually more than 100 orders are considered large orders. Although it is only one year since it was officially put into production, the company has won several large project bids, including subway projects, cloud computing centers, and radio and television projects in multiple cities. With the rapid development of a large number of enterprises such as the new Zhonglian logistics facility, Liancheng Water Pump, Jiadian Flying Ball Motor, Jiesai Machinery, Yimai Gear, Fule Die Casting, Lianhe Houpu, etc. The proportion is increasing, which promotes the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing structure of the city.